Pledge Manager Guide

Just follow these easy steps to choose your rewards and stuff from the campaign

1 – Create a client account at If you already have a client account, you can skip this step.

Go to My Account on WillyMiniatures website


Introduce your username, email and password. You will receive an email confirming the register


Edit your Address



2 – When you have created your account, identify yourself with it at Willy Miniatures website. Go to Store and get into Kickstarter category.




 3 -Add the products of your pledge to basket, as well as any other product from the campaign that you want to acquire.

In this example, we add a Necromantic Team


4 – If you want to, add any other product from our catalog.  In any case, the shipment costs still will be for free.

Continuing the above example, we decide to add a Chaos Team to our basket


5 – When you finish to add products to your basket, enter the code of the coupon  that you received by email. This code will cover the amount of your contribution to the campaign.

We enter the Pledge Coupon


5 -If you followed all these steps, your basket will show the total amount to pay (if it’s the case). This is the moment to end your order clicking on Proceed to Checkout button.

Back to the example, the basket shows the discount applied with the coupon and the total amount to pay


6 – If you have something to comment about your order, you can use the Order Notes


You’ve almost finished. Now you only have to pay any additional material that did not cover your campaign contribution (payment by Paypal) and your order is complete. In no time you’ll be enjoying your new models !!!